Ugh I’m so mad at myself, I had to drive by your house to pick up my things didn’t I and then seeing you just made me feel crap and I know our relationship doesn’t work but ugh all I have in my mind was the last time I saw you and you know can we atleast talk once every month or so cause I mean atleast you have friends to talk to, I lost my only friend that gives me the kinda day. And it doesn’t help that I’m home alone for another week no one to talk to about it all. And I know this is probably half old memories of you and the fact that of course when were not together you are all groomed and not looking like a slob. I still would like to know what you are up to, even if you are making a plushie of toothless. I’m just wanting to still be your friend even though we aren’t lovers anymore.

Readin up on the scavo twins the older ones.. max and charlie carver and even though they are twins they are born on different days, july 31 and then 7 minutes later max was born on august 1st thats so cool!